Basic Tantra Meditation

Control your Mind

Human mind is always filled with information and thoughts. Halter your mind to a level of consciousness.
Anandadhara basic meditation, will train you to control your mind in any situation and train your mind to venture unknown.
This course is for people, who don't know the basics of meditation. We will teach and educate him or her the basics with complete guidance.

We lead busy lives, our responsibilities are great, and change is the only thing that remains the same. And many of life's biggest missteps occur because our lives are out of balance. Which, brings stress, chaos in our personal, professional and family. The most powerful way to get rid of these, and step towards happiness and peace of mind.
Meditation is the gateway of awakening and higher spiritual experience.

  • Course Includes:
  • Knowledge of Meditation
  • Toxin Cleansing
  • Joy Tantra Meditation methodology
  • Practice
  • Online guidance and support
  • Basic Meditation will open door for:
  • Learning Astral Projection
  • Third Eye Activation
  • Kundalini Awakening
  • Self Healing

COURSE FEES: If you are registering from outside India, Total USD90/. Or, Rs.4000/ If you are registering from India.
Course fees are non refundable, only one can change the course within 7 (seven days of registration). In that case a student needs to return the sealed parcel (if any) without breaking of the seal. In case the seal is broken then the material shall not be accepted.

Course Fees Includes:

- Course material (digital)
- Yoga or Workout course material (digital)
- Online support

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