Fear and Anxiety Management

Control your Fear and Anxiety

"The enemy is fear, we think it is hate; but, it is fear" - Gandhi
Traumas or bad experiences can tigger a fear response, which is hard to quel. Anxiety interferes with the ability to lead normal life.
With us you will learn the strategies and mechanism to help manageyour anxiety and fear.

Fear is a vital response to an emotional and physical danger. It is a mechanism, which help protect ourselves from legitimate threats.

Sometimes we fear for no good reasons and which affect us badly.
Where as, an anxiety comes in form of panic attacks, phobia and social anxiety and etc..

  • Course Includes:
  • Science of Fear and Anxiety
  • Toxin Cleansing
  • Science of fear and anxiety controling
  • Joy Tantra Meditation methodology
  • Practice
  • Online guidance and support

COURSE FEES: If you are registering from outside India, Total USD90/. Or, Rs.4000/ If you are registering from India.
Course fees are non refundable, only one can change the course within 7 (seven days of registration). In that case a student needs to return the sealed parcel without breaking of the seal. In case the seal is broken then the material shall not be accepted.

Course Fees Includes:

- Course material
- Yoga or Workout course material
- Meditation Instruments
- Test papers
- Online support

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