Joy Ananda's Bio

Walking with God


Joy Ananda, means happiness. The man behind the name is a spiritual Guru (Teacher) and practitioner of Tantra style Meditation.

He is a self tought yogi, From the sudentlife he became interested in Sadhana (meditation), and he advanced with his own way (That was the time there was no Google) and unlocking his mystical and celestial knowledge of Tantra.

He had invented the Joy Tantra Meditation technique for fast and easy learning of meditation.
Also invented Joy Tantra Yoga technique for toxin cleansing and activating of Chakras.

Overall he is a cool and intelligent person, and founder of Anandadhara. He is a master tutor in Spiritualism, Tantra, Meditation, Yoga. He used his own method of teaching and understanding to achive enlightenment. His technique is known as "Joy Tantra Meditation" and "Joy Tantra Yoga"
He has written many books on spiritualism, Tantra, awakening and etc. He is the founder of the awkening movement through transformation of knowledge. He says don't believe in God, untill and unless you find a logic of his existence!

He is the best of the best Gurus, to learn spiritualism, meditation, tantra and Yoga.