Anandadhara has developed online courses for young, mature and aged people of both sexes to learn tantra, basic and advanced meditation, stress management, productivity enhancement, and self improvement.

This online courses are suitable for all, those are interested to learn and practice from the comfort of their home and office.
In online courses we supply course material, instruments, and provide email and chat support time to time.

Online Courses:

  • Stress Management

    Kill stress, before it killing you. A complete step by step guide to manage stress. It will help a participant to manage and control stress instantly at any place. FIND DETAILS

  • Anxiety & Fear Management

    With this course one can clear his or her fear, and control all emotions like anxiety and etc. Many people faces fear sycoses and anxiety for various reasons, which affect them in their personal, as well as professional life. This course helps to develop a permanent solution without any medication. FIND DETAILS

  • Productivity Enhancement

    The need to ensure & enhance employees productivity is a reality no business can ignore. Our productivity enhancement program will enhance Focus, Creativity, Skill, Concentration, Imagination, performance and over all productivity. Make a participant energetic throughout his or her work. FIND DETAILS

  • Basic Meditation

    This course is for people, who don't know the basics of meditation. We will teach and educate him or her the basics with complete guidance. FIND DETAILS

  • Spiritual Volunteering

    Join virtual volunteering program of Anandadhara and help us to build an awaken world. FIND DETAILS