Productivity Enhancement

Sharp your skills

Our productivity enhancement program will enhance Focus, Creativity, Skill, Concentration, Imagination, performance and over all productivity. Make a participant energetic throughout his or her work.

The need to ensure & enhance employees productivity is a reality no business can ignore.
you want your team to be happy & motivated. You need to focus on those aspects of your company culture in order to increase employee productivity amongst the workforce.
But productivity doesn’t come out of nowhere. It starts with employee engagement, which is a measure of how engaged and enthusiastic team members are about their work. A survey by Gallup found that companies that scored high in employee engagement outperformed those who did not by 10% on customer ratings, 22% in profitability, and 21% in productivity.
McKinsey estimates that 28% of a worker’s time is spent each week writing emails and 20% is spent searching for information. This unproductive time translates directly into a loss of revenues. According to McKinsey, these tasks cost a company of 5,000 employees, paid the average U.S. salary, approximately $75 million a year. Productivity matters because it’s good for business, and impactful to a company’s bottom line.

  • Course Includes:
  • Economics of Productivity
  • Toxin Cleansing
  • Program of Productivity Enhancement
  • Joy Tantra Meditation methodology
  • Practice
  • Online guidance and support

COURSE FEES: If you are registering from outside India, Total USD90/. Or, Rs.4000/ If you are registering from India.
Course fees are non refundable, only one can change the course within 7 (seven days of registration). In that case a student needs to return the sealed parcel without breaking of the seal. In case the seal is broken then the material shall not be accepted.

Course Fees Includes:

- Course material
- Yoga or Workout course material
- Meditation Instruments
- Test papers
- Online support

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