Spiritual Volunteer

Gurdians of the Universe

Play an integral part of our mission to create an awken world through transformation of knowledge. Become a virtual volunteer for Anandadhara in anywhere. It is an incredible way to share your talents, make new friends and enrich lives.
You can voulnteer from anywhere in the world "Virtually".

Participate in our virtual spiritual Volunteer program online.
After successful completion of the online program you will be awarded as an Anandadhara virtual Volunteer.

A virtual volunteer will promote Anandadhara programs to anywhere in the world.

  • Course Includes:
  • Karma Yoga (Toxin cleansing techniques)
  • Science of meditation
  • Joy Tantra Meditation Methodology
  • Meditation in Practice
  • Virtual Voulnteer Program
  • Online guidance and support

COURSE FEES: If you are registering from outside India, Total USD90/. Or, Rs.4000/ If you are registering from India.
Course fees are non refundable, only one can change the course within 7 (seven days of registration). In that case a student needs to return the sealed parcel without breaking of the seal. In case the seal is broken then the material shall not be accepted.

Course Fees Includes:

- Course material
- Yoga or Workout course material
- Meditation Instruments
- Virtual Volunteer Program
- Test papers
- Online support

Register Online to start your course.